Workshop Summary: OARC 41

4 min readSep 28, 2023


Da Nang, Vietnam

OARC 41, Golden Hands Bridge

The 41st Workshop of the DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS-OARC) held in Da Nang, Vietnam, brought together a diverse group of 115 attendees on-site, with many more joining remotely. The two-day hybrid event featured a series of insightful presentations that covered a wide range of topics, from insightful research into the inner workings of the DNS protocol to operational and security aspects of the Domain Name System.

Despite the challenges of long-distance travel, monsoons, and canceled flights, attendees had a memorable time in the idyllic setting of the Melia Da Nang Resort, where the warm and picturesque scenery provided the perfect backdrop for networking and knowledge exchange. OARC 41 was somewhat unlike previous OARC events: sunrise strolls, social dinners on the beachfront, and poolside discussions create a unique and enjoyable experience for participants to engage and network with their peers.

Sunrise Walks

Participants can still fill out the OARC 41 Survey for a chance to win a 3-D Printer, the drawing was originally to be drawn on September 28, 2023, but has been extended to October 1st — so get your responses in ASAP.

The event included a wonderful dinner of local fare in Hoi An on September 5, adding a delightful cultural touch to an already enriching workshop. OARC 41, hosted by the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) and co-located with the ICANN DNS Symposium, successfully fostered innovation and advancements in DNS security and infrastructure, reaffirming its importance for DNS professionals and experts worldwide.

Dinner hosted by VNNIC, in Hoi An

Day 1:

Denesh Bhabuta opens Day 1 Talks

The workshop’s first day commenced with a warm welcome to both in-person and online participants. The day’s presentations included:

- Maarten Wullink (SIDN)
Deleting your domain? Preventing data leaks at TLD scale
- Balint Csergo (Meta)
Introducing DNSWatch, Meta's DNS Snooping utility
- Shumon Huque (Salesforce)
Automation of DNSSEC provisioning and maintenance
- Petr Špaček (Internet Systems Consortium)
March towards shorter DNSSEC outages
- Tri Nguyen (VNNIC)
Lessons learned from the 2nd DNSSEC Key Rollover in .vn.
- Klaus Darilion ( GmbH)
Migrate from PowerDNS to Knot with help of Catalog Zones
- Imran Hossen (EyHost Ltd.)
Strengthening DNS Security and IPv6 Implementation in Bangladesh: Overcoming Operational Challenges
- Yevheniya Nosyk (Grenoble Institute of Technology)
Intercept and Inject: DNS Response Manipulation in the Wild
- Duane Wessels (Verisign)
Deploying ZONEMD in the Root Zone
Transitioning Verisign's TLDs to Elliptic Curve DNSSEC
- Robert Šefr
DNS4EU scope. timeline and challenges
Behind the Scenes, Last Minute Preparations Under Way: Steve Sullivan (left), Denesh Bhabuta (right)

Day 2:

The second day featured a range of presentations and discussions, including:

- Shuyue Yu
The role of DNS in residential Internet use
- Andrey Meshkov
Implementing EDNS Client Subnet in a privacy preserving way
- Robert Story (USC/ISI) renumbering in Nov. 2023
- Felipe Barbosa (InternetNZ)
InternetNZ .nz DNSSEC Incident
- Prashanth Suvarna (Cisco Systems/OpenDNS)
Building a DNS Resolver in Fedramp
- Fenglu Zhang (Tsinghua University)
TsuKing: Coordinating DNS Resolvers and Queries into Potent DoS Amplifiers
Silence is not Golden: Disrupting the Load Balancing of Authoritative DNS Servers
- Azizbek Kadirov (Uzinfocom)
DNSSEC for end-users
- Klaus Darilion ( GmbH)
XFR does not scale to millions of zones
- Nicolai Leymann (Deutsche Telekom)
Encrypted DNS in the Network of Deutsche Telekom: Status and Outlook
- Johan Stenstam (Swedish Internet Foundation)
There Are Problems With DNS Recursive Service
- Joao Luis Silva Damas (APNIC/Bond Internet Systems)
A view of NXDOMAIN and DNSSEC from public DNS

Following these engaging presentations, the workshop ended with closing remarks from Denesh Bhabuta (DNS-OARC), Shumon Huque (DNS-OARC Board), Steve Conte (ICANN DNS Symposium), and Nguyen Hong Thang (Director General, VNNIC), summarizing key takeaways and insights from OARC 41 and the ICANN DNS Symposium.

Upcoming News

  • The 2023 AGM is just around the corner, being held online on October 12, 2023. Members should watch their mailing lists for important dates and information over the next coming weeks. Notices will also be put in the Members Town Hall on our Mattermost chat server.
  • The OARC 41 workshop videos are currently in processing and we hope to have them posted on our Youtube channel before OARC 42.
  • OARC 42 is being held on the 8th and 9th of February 2024 in Charlotte, NC. The Call for Presentations is currently open.

Fun Pictures from OARC 41

Snapshots from OARC 41