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A story around software, a survey and The Plan

Back in January I sent out a survey to our members that I hoped would give guidance on what to focus on in the future.

The survey

I wanted the survey to do two things, first to answer which area is most important for our members.

Making a decision

With that it was now a decision between the two areas, and then what project.

The Plan

I’m really excited to focus on Check My DNS!


Beside the ideas listed there, which are mainly things to check/test for, I got other ideas that I want to describe a bit more right now.

Replacing old testers

I’ve been wanting to replace the old testers Port Test, DNS Entropy and Reply Size Test for so long… and now I finally can with the focused effort on Check My DNS!

History and shareable results

With the new user interface, I am adding the option to store the results locally in the browser (using localStorage) so you get a history and can view earlier runs.

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Multiple locations

I recently set up another instance of Check My DNS at our Hurricane Electric (Fremont, CA USA) location and it’s time to connect them.

Custom checks

The idea is to open up Check My DNS so people can submit a custom check (Go module).



Everything is an App now days right? So why not join that jolly train.



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