OARC is hiring…

Short-term Contracts

Software Engineer

Network Administrator

Long-term Positions

Membership Coordinator


Interested parties may submit a Resume/CV and any supporting documents by email to jobs@dns-oarc.net.

About Our Team

  • Has a strong commitment to OARC’s public benefit mission of making the DNS and wider Internet work better for all.
  • Someone who is proven, equipped, well-established, motivated, and comfortable working in a remote / work from home environment, not just as a pandemic expediency, but long-term.
  • Is a self-starter, can work independently, and has the ability to propose and execute their own ideas and solutions.
  • A team player, who is supportive of their colleagues and OARC’s stakeholder community members.
  • Proficient in using distributed working, cloud and open-source tools for getting the job done:
    e.g. E-mail, Github/Gitlab, Zoom, Mattermost & Signal chat, Mailman,
    Indico, SuiteCRM, QuickBooks, Etherpad, Drupal, MediaWiki;
    various social media, and/or similar collaborative platforms.
  • Is available, willing and enjoys travel to events and sites in the US and internationally several times per year.
  • Has their own contracting company or similar vehicle, and is self-sufficient for matters of invoicing, tax, benefits, travel, expenses.
  • May have multiple non-conflicting part-time engagements in parallel, coupled with good communication, time management and prioritization skills to ensure all clients’ needs are met.
  • Is known and has good networking within their professional communities, and is comfortable and fluent with being a public face of OARC at events and conferences.
  • Is committed to transparency and accountability in their work, and to best practices for nonprofit membership organization governance.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English is a requirement, other languages welcome.
OARC believes firmly in diversity and inclusivity, and in taking a pro-active approach to improving this in our sector of the tech industry, both within our own team and our larger DNS community. OARC’s existing team has a range of nationalities, cultures and genders, and we encourage and welcome applicants of all ages, ethnicity, orientations and beliefs. We are supportive of professional development for candidates with potential.



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