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OARC @ 42nd CENTR Technical Workshop

Team member, Dnš (Denesh) gave an update on DNS-OARC

The back story: This was a single slide presentation. To be no more than 5 minutes long. So much to talk about, but needed to choose only a handful of things from a long list. Conveying the topics without suggesting one being better than the other at the same time as ensuring everyone was able to get additional details if needed.

The image above was used as the slide. Lots of play on words.

Members of Mayday

The majority of Membership fees went up this year. The first time in five years! The lowest tier now starts at US$1,100 per annum.

OARC’s membership is rising — with some upgrading — and we currently have 110 members.

We have three members in our newest top tier — Diamond at $50K per annum — which was introduced a couple of years ago. Some members such as Verisign also give us further annual funding for workshops through our Workshop Patronage scheme.

New / Upgraded Members this year:


This year’s DNS DITL (Day In The Life of the Internet) collection is now complete. 17Tb of data was collected this year — 40% more than usual!

The data was collected at a time of a hopefully unique event — the current COVID-19 pandemic — with peak Internet traffic. This data can be quantitatively compared with past or future years across more than a decade.

The dataset will be available to DNS-OARC members soon.

Neustar’s on the Block

In January, OARC solicited bids from Members for a replacement secondary DNS service. Five excellent responses were received and choosing between them was a tough decision.

In the end, Neustar was chosen. OARC is thankful to all who submitted proposals and to ISC for providing the secondary DNS service until it was no longer available as a service by them.

Eddy Grant ; CEPH Deck // DNSViz // Ken DoHPerf!

Storage is important for DNS-OARC — we store the data from DITL and other DNS measurement data. We also now host DNSViz.

However, not only is hardware getting old, the infrastructure is also outdated.

Team member, Matt Pounsett looked in to replacing this with a modern clustered file system using Ceph (an open-source storage platform).

So far we have selected a vendor and have submitted a number of grant proposals to fund this. We have also received donations toward this and are thankful to OARC members Gransy from Czech Republic and Serbian Open Exchange for their contributions.

We are still trying to close a US$15,000 funding gap for this via donations. If anyone would like to contribute, please head to the donate part of the OARC website:

OARC has also been putting major effort into a number of grant proposals,
including a very large one with CAIDA to NSF (the National Science Foundation in the USA) for DNSViz development.

OARC also develops new, or enhances features of existing tools via custom for-hire development contracts. EURid recently funded development of improvements to dsc-datatool (a tool for converting, exporting, merging and transforming DSC data)


One of the ways we share knowledge with each other is via our Workshops. However COVID-19 has paused “meeting in person” workshops for the meantime.

OARC 33 was due to take place in Paris earlier this month, but it has been postponed to September, just before the RIPE 81 meeting which currently scheduled for Milan at the end of September.

The plan is to do this meeting jointly with the next CENTR Technical Workshop, but the pandemic situation is still with us and we are unable to confirm anything until and end-July timeframe.

The OARC AGM will be held online at the end of September whatever happens with OARC 33.

In the meantime, we are doing mini-workshops online — OARConline.

The first one — OARConline 32a — is coming up in two weeks on 9th June, starting at [1̶7̶:̶0̶0̶] 19:00 UTC. It will last a couple of hours and we have five[ presentations lined up.

We are planning on having a post-Workshop Bring Your Own Drink social event over Zoom, so that we can all catch up.

Registration is required, and available at no cost for the inaugural OARConline workshop.

We are offering sponsorship opportunities for this. If interested, please contact

For free registration, please visit:

Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center

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