OARC 42 Workshop Summary

February 8th & 9th, 2024 ; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

5 min readFeb 21, 2024

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Workshop Recap

The 42nd Workshop of the DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS-OARC) commenced on February 8, 2024, in the vibrant city of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Drawing participants from 16 diverse countries, the event served as a forum for discussions spanning a gamut of topics, from resolvers and delegation records to IPv6. OARC 42 witnessed an impressive turnout, with 81 attendees on-site and an additional 54 joining remotely.

Embassy Suites Uptown, Charlotte

Held at the Embassy Suites Uptown in Charlotte, OARC 42 garnered praise for its attention to detail, including commendations for the venue, accommodations, and most notably, the exemplary hospitality extended by the hotel staff. Receiving accolades such as “Fantastic, Flexible, and Friendly,” the staff’s dedication and warmth were appreciated, with some attendees noting the staff even recognized them from previous visits, marking a delightful departure from the post-COVID experiences encountered elsewhere.

OARC 42 Social was held at Fahrenheit CLT with a wonderful skyline view

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Event Sponsors:

Heartfelt gratitude extends to our esteemed sponsors and patrons whose support made OARC 42 possible:

As a non-profit organization, OARC relies on registration fees, patronage, and sponsorship to help with the costs of its programme of workshops. More information about Sponsorship Opportunities can be found here.

IBM Sponsor Talk:

A groundbreaking addition to the DNS-OARC workshop, Day 1 featured a pioneering sponsor talk by Ekim Maurer of IBM. Addressing a pressing challenge faced by enterprises when deploying Internet based services — latency — Maurer’s session advocated for an expanded role of DNS in traffic steering and Global Server Load Balancing. Utilizing data-driven insights, the talk outlined a reference architecture, delving into various options for optimizing DNS pathways and enhancing connection performance. IBM ended the talk by soliciting input from the audience for feedback on their approach and methodology.

Ekim Maurer, from IBM, presents on Using DNS to solve the latency challenge

Day 1

The workshop’s first day commenced with Phil Regnauld, President of DNS-OARC, welcoming both the online and in-person participants. The day’s presentations included:

Shane Kerr | NS1, an IBM Company
Using Multiple Authoritative Vendors Does Not Work Like You Thought

Yevheniya Nosyk | Université Grenoble Alpes
DNS fingerprinting

Duane Wessels | Verisign
Real world challenges with large responses, truncation, and TCP

Yannis Labrou | Verisign
The Impact of Negative Caching and DNS Resolution Failures

Tamas Csillag | PCH.net
DNSSEC signer upgrade at PCH.net

Ekim Maurer | IBM
SPONSOR PRESENTATION: Using DNS to solve the latency challenge

Christian Elmerot | Cloudflare
GOV multi-signer transition with NSEC/NSEC3

Duane Wessels | Verisign
Verisign's Transition to ECDSA

Mr Stefan Ubbink | SIDN
KSK algorithm rollover for .nl

David Lawrence | Salesforce
DELEGate the Modern Way

Mr Mark Robertshaw | DNS Research Federation
Resolver Capability Testing Open Source Framework (DNS Research Federation)

Phil Regnauld, President of DNS-OARC, and Paul Mockapetris, the inventor of DNS

Day 2

On the second day of the workshop, alongside many wonderful presentations, DNS-OARC also recognized outgoing Board and PC members. Denesh Bhabuta introduced Duane Wessels who spoke on Keith Mitchell’s 17 years of dedication and contributions to DNS-OARC and his stepping down from Presidency. The day’s presentations featured:

Mr Qifan Zhang  |   University of California, Irvine
TuDoor Attack: Systematically Exploring and Exploiting Logic Vulnerabilities in DNS Response Pre-processing with Malformed Packets

Jinghua Bai | Qi An Xin Technology Group Inc.
Analysis of NXDOMAIN data from an openresolver perspective in China

Mr Qifan Zhang | University of California, Irvine
ResolverFuzz: Automated Discovery of DNS Resolver Vulnerabilities with Query-Response Fuzzing

Petr Špaček | ISC DNS
Benchmarking 101: Essentials and Common Pitfalls

Jan Včelák | NS1, an IBM Company
DNS Server Performance Tuning in Linux

Sidan Qi | Salesforce
Cloud DNS Monitoring in a Large Scale

Geoff Huston | APNIC
Is the DNS ready for IPv6?

Wes Hardaker | USC/ISI
Traffic Analysis of Fluctuating Flows (TAFFy)

Shane Kerr | NS1
RIPE DNS Resolver Recommendations

Victoria Risk | ISC
Estimate the size of the DNS

Mr Anand Buddhdev | RIPE NCC
Expired RRSIG - answer or not?

Tamas Csillag | PCH.net
DNS features matrix, implementation quirks
Left: Denesh Bhabuta presents Manu Bretelle and Pallavi Aras-Mathai with Recognition awards for 3 years of service to the Programme Committee Right: Duane Wessels speaks on Keith Mitchell’s 17 years of service

Upcoming Events:

DNS-OARC is hosting a DNS Community Day during APRICOT 2024 hosted by The Thai Network Information Center (THNIC) Foundation on February 26. DNS Community Day registration is free but required to plan for catering and logistics. This event is in-person only, to register please visit https://dns-community-day-bkk.eventbrite.com/. For further details, visit the APRICOT 2024 Program, or direct inquiries to meeting@dns-oarc.net.

Workshop Videos:

Videos from OARC 42 are available for viewing on our YouTube Channel.

OARC 42 Survey

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Pictures from OARC 42

Various Images from OARC 42