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Hybrid in-person & online on February 16th & 17th, 2023

NOTE: OARC will only run two Workshops in 2023.

OARC 40 in February; OARC 41 is currently planned for September.

OARC 40 Call for Presentations

Attending OARC 40

COVID-19 Protocol

  • be fully vaccinated no later than February 2nd, 2023 (where available, to include booster shot)
  • provide proof of full vaccination on badge pickup
  • proof of Negative Rapid Antigen Test result (test to be taken within 12 hours before badge pick-up)
  • stay away / isolated if tested positive for COVID-19
  • pre-travel Rapid Antigen Test
  • workshop Day 2 Rapid Antigen Test
  • wearing a mask on-site during the sessions

Funding for OARC 40

OARC aims to keep its workshops self-sustainable and thus relies on sponsorship as one part of funding to meet the total (including non-venue and non-workshop days) costs associated with running the workshops and related social events. We are open to sponsorship, patronage and donations.


Twitter: @dnsoarc
YouTube Channel: @dnsoarc
LinkedIn Page: DNS-OARC
Facebook Page: dnsoarc
Instagram: dnsoarc

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays



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