The image (and similar) which greeted OARC 30 delegates

OARC 30 Meeting Report

Sunday, May 12th & Monday, May 13th 2019

5 min readMay 27, 2019


Attendees checked in: 153 (56 First Time attendees)

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Day 1 Presentations

Day 2 Presentations

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Links to the recorded webcast are at the end of this posting.

DNS-OARC returned to Asia after 10 years and this was the first time it had a workshop in Thailand!

Some analysis showed a significant increase in workshop participation from the Asian region compared to workshops held in North America and Europe.

Distribution of registrations by continent (last 3 meetings)

OARC 30 was supported by Workshop Host, ICANN ; Associate Sponsor, APNIC, Contributor Sponsor, Diamond Key Security, and in-kind sponsors, THNIC and DotArai.

Our Annual Workshop Patron for 2019 is Verisign (Promotor level).


Day 1 was a jam-packed day which was opened by Duane Wessells followed by a quick introduction by Keith Mitchell.

The OARC 30 mascot, Thai Bart. Image courtesy of Sebastian Castro.

The mascot for OARC 30, named, Thai Bart, sat diligently at the podium and observed the proceedings over the course of the day.

The first public session then started with a presentation on DNS Recursive Resolver Delegation Selection in the Wild, followed by Developing a Testbed For Interactions Between Resolvers and the Root, before we all took a short coffee break.

The morning session continued with The Modality of Mortality in Domain Names, DNS Security: Past, Present, and Future (It’s Not Easy), and Who Is Answering My Queries: Understanding and Characterizing Interception of the DNS Resolution Path, followed by lunch.

Image courtesy of Sebastian Castro

The public sessions continued after lunch, with talks and audience participation on Multi-signer DNSSEC Models, A Story on Unsupported DNSSEC Algorithms, Signing with offline KSK in Knot DNS 2.8, Seeing the effects of DNS Flag Day in action, DNS flag day 2019 panel discussion, The road to the Ultimate Stub-resolver.

Over the course of both days — during the coffee breaks and lunch, DNS-OARC Programmer, Jerry Lundström demonstrated the various DNS-OARC tools to an engaged audience.

The day ended with the OARC 30 Social Event — a boat cruise along the Chao Phraya River. This was a fantastic evening that was enjoyed by delegates and OARC staff, with drinks, food and live entertainment over a period of 2.5 hours.

Images courtesy of Sebastian Castro


Image courtesy of Sebastian Castro

The morning of Day 2 kicked off with OpenINTEL — Creating a “long-term memory” for the global DNS, followed by DNSKEY Flood what does that tell us about resolvers, KSK Rollover Post-Analysis, Local DNS Policy Disclosure: Comments on Automating Policy Discovery, What part of “NO” is so hard to understand?, Incentivizing the adoption of (new) standards, Measures against cache poisoning attacks using IP fragmentation in DNS.

The post lunch sessions were a mix of 30 minutes long presentations, Lightning Talks and OARC Business. The longer presentations were: Flamethrower: A flexible tool for DNS load and functional testing, Hyper-hyper-local root serving, and respdiff: Regression and interoperability testing for the Internet.

There were 5 Lighting Talks — Identifier Technology Health Indicators, Oh, another DoH, DNSCrypt, DNS Flag day: kiwi flavour, and Whither DANE?

The day ended with the OARC Business section. Before gettong on the presentations, Duane Wessels presented ex-Chairman of the OARC Programme Committee — Ray Bellis — with a plaque thanking him for his contribution to OARC and the community.

Ray Bellis receiving an Outstanding Contribution plaque. Image courtesy of Sebastian Castro
Image courtesy of Sebastian Castro

Keith Mitchell presented the OARC Status Report, referring to the Member Report November 2018 — April 2019. Jerry Lundström’s presentation was about the Software Survey and he pointed the audience to the actual Software Report to read at some time. The meeting ended with Matt Pounsett’s presentation in which he gave a quick Systems Update, and referred to the details Systems Report for later reading.


  • OARC 31: Austin, TX, USA ; October 31st & November 1st, 2019
  • OARC 32: San Francisco, CA, USA ; February 9th, 2020
  • OARC 33: Paris, FR ; Early May 2020


Dave Knight (RIPE DNS Working Group co-Chair and DNS-OARC Programme Commitee member) gave a summary of the ICANN DNS Symposium 2019 and OARC 30 workshop during the DNS Working Group session at the recent RIPE 78 meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland. See the slides below.


As a recap, the webcast recordings for the workshop are at:

Day 1 Recordings

OARC 30 Day 1 Morning Session 1
OARC 30 Day 1 Morning Session 2
OARC 30 Day 1 Afternoon Session 1
OARC 30 Day 1 Afternoon Session 2

Day 2 Recordings

OARC 30 Day 2 Morning Session 1
OARC 30 Day 2 Morning Session 2
OARC 30 Day 2 Afternoon Session 1
OARC 30 Day 2 Afternoon Session 2




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