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OARC 27 Day 1 – OARC, KSK, Collaboration

Friday, September 29th

Attendees checked in on Day 1: 162 (53 First Time attendees)

Quick 1-page survey: Day 1 Presentations

Greetings from San Jose. DNS-OARC is happy to be returning here, after a period of 11 years!

OARC 27 is supported by the Principal Sponsor, ICANN ; Premium Sponsor, Verisign, Benefactor Sponsors Comcast and ThousandEyes, and Contributor Sponsor, Infoblox.

Day 1 was a jam-packed day which began with a quick introduction by Keith Mitchell.

The mascot for OARC 27, named, Celia, from Pier 53, sat diligently at the podium and observed the proceedings over the course of the day.

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The OARC 27 mascot, Celia, celebrates DNS by clapping

The first public session then started with a presentation on A Look at RFC 8145 Trust Anchor Signalling for the 2017 KSK Rollover, followed by DNSSEC Operations in the .gov TLD, and Quantifying the Quality of DNSSEC Validation in the Wild, before we all took a short coffee break.

The morning session continued with How Dual DNS Improves Resiliency, Verfploeter: Broad and Load-Aware Anycast Mapping, High-Proof Data: TSDB Distillation of Recursive DNS Metric Data, and DNS64 at scale – Turning off IPv4, followed by lunch.

Over the course of the day – during the coffee breaks and lunch, DNS-OARC Programmer, Jerry Lundström demonstrated Check My DNS and other DNS-OARC tools to an engaged audience.

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Jerry demonstrating Check My DNS and other DNS-OARC Tools during the breaks

The public sessions continued after lunch, with talks and audience participation on Real User Measurement DNS – Using Big Data to decide RData, Running DNS root on localhost and its implications, DNS Service Monitoring at Salesforce, A Study of DNS Rate Limiting Deployment, DNS Privacy clients: Stubby, Mobile apps and beyond!, Performance and maintainability improvements in BIND, Persistent DNS ‘sessions’ – where next?, Performance of ALIAS records vs CNAME.

There was a special request by ICANN to host a discussion within OARC 27 on the postponement of the final phase of KSK rollover. The community appreciated the fact that ICANN chose the postponement of the rollover when presented with the background of the decision and were in support of this.

The day ended with the OARC 27 Social Event at microbrewery Gordon Biersch in downtown San Jose. This was a fantastic evening that was enjoyed by delegates and OARC staff, with drinks and food over a period of 3 hours.

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As a recap, the webcast recordings for the day are at:

Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center

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