OARC 25 Day 2

122 (39 First Time) attendees in the room.

Participant survey: https://surveymonkey.com/r/OARC25 (active until Monday 31 October @ 23:59 CT (04:59 UTC)

Links to recorded webcast at end of this posting.

Although the Dallas skies turned grey today, it was extremely warm outside. That said, our fantastic content, the much cooler plenary room and the chance to network and discuss with industry colleagues enticed the delegates to fill up today’s Workshop sessions.

The morning plenary session focused on Data Analysis — PCAP-TO-HDFS, What to do with SERVFAIL (the day wd2go.com fell off the Internet) and On the search for resolvers.

The attendees then enjoyed a 30-minute networking coffee break after which the mid-morning plenary session focused on Anycast — Anycast Latency: How Many Sites Are Enough?, ENT was here !!!, and Anycast vs. DDoS: Evaluating the November 2015 Root DNS Event.

The afternoon’s first plenary session had a Security and Privacy focus — Inter-operator Transfers of Signed TLDs, DNS Performance Metrics, and Exploring CVE-2015–7547, a Skeleton key in DNS.

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Yummy yummy snacks

The final plenary session after the mid-afternoon break had a broader remit with a mix of lightning talks and fuller presentations. Lightning Presentations included Should stub resolvers have root DNSSEC key preloaded?, How Changes to the Root Zone Management System are Requested, and CBOR DNS Format. The afternoon session ended with Nameserver UDP socket buffer tuning, The hunger for AAAA, and RFC 2181 Ranking data and referrals/glue importance.

Duane Wessels and William Sotomayor then closed OARC 25 mentioning OARC 26 which will take place somewhere in Europe in the late April / Early May 2017 timeframe.

OARC 25 Day 2 Session 1
OARC 25 Day 2 Session 2

Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center

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