OARC 25 Day 1

Attendees checked in so far: 121 (38 First Time attendees)

Howdy, y’all! This is DNS-OARC’s first workshop in Dallas and Texas and it is great to be here!

Day 1 began with the AGM — quick introduction from Ondrej Filip (Chairman) followed by the OARC Status and Engineering Report by OARC staff member, William Sotomayor (in absence of OARC President, Keith Mitchell), and OARC Treasurer’s report by Duane Wessels. OARC Board Elections for three vacancies then took place and the AGM ended with a members’ only presentation by Christopher Baker on “Recent Authoritative Exhaustion Attack” which was received well by the audience.

Following the elections, we welcomed re-elected George Michaelson (APNIC) and newcomers Ondřej Surý (cz.nic) and Jacques Latour (CIRA) on to the Board. We also thanked the Board Members who had completed their maximum term limits this year — Ondrej Filip (cz.nic) and John Crain (ICANN) — for their time and dedication in steering the organisation over the years. They will be missed.

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The first public session then started with a presentation on followed by , before we all took a break for lunch.

The public sessions continued after lunch, with talks and audience participation on , , , , , and closing with .

The mascot for OARC 25, lovingly named, Keith, was also introduced to the audience. Keith sat diligently at the podium and observed the proceedings over the course of the day.

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OARC 25 Mascot — Keith

On to OARC 25 Day 2…

As a recap, the webcast recordings for the day are at:

OARC 25 Day 1 Session 1
OARC 25 Day 1 Session 2

Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center

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