OARC 24 Day 2

108 (28 First Time) attendees in the room and 32 via live webcast.

Participant survey: https://surveymonkey.com/r/OARC24 (active until Friday 15 April @ 23:59 ART (02:59 UTC)

Links to recorded webcast at end of this posting.

The skies turned grey today, which did not deter our attendees from filling the Workshop room to enjoy Day 2 of OARC 24.

The morning plenary session focused on Tools and Measurements — Knot DNS, Threshold-Cryptography Distributed HSM and Multi-vantage point DNS diagnostics and measurements.

The attendees then enjoyed a 30-minute networking coffee break after which the mid-morning plenary session focused on Research, with analysis of root server attacks which took place last year, locating missing keytags of a DNSSEC signing key, and plans to increase the size of the root zone Zone Signing Key (ZSK).

OARC 24 Day 2 Lunch

The afternoon’s first plenary session had a broader remit with a mix of fuller presentations and lightning talks. Talks included Integration testing of DNS servers, evolution and “meta-slave” of secondary DNS service for customers and a review of ECDSA by Geoff Huston from APNIC, who then remained on stage to give a lightning talk. Other quick fire talks were given by Sara Dickinson (Sinodun), Mark Andrews (ISC), Matt Weinberg (Verisign) and Stéphane Bortzmeyer (Afnic).

The final plenary session after the mid-afternoon break focused on DNSSEC Algorithm rollover, with a couple of presentations — Rolling the Root key ; and Algorithm rollover experiences — followed by a very interactive panel and audience session on DNSSEC algorithm flexibility.

OARC 24 Day 2: Panel on DNSSEC Algorithm Flexibility

Keith Mitchell and Ondrej Filip then closed OARC 24 giving further details for OARC 25 which will take place in Dallas, TX, USA at the Fairmont Dallas on October 15 and 16, just before NANOG68.

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OARC 24 Day 2 Session 1
OARC 24 Day 2 Session 2
OARC 24 Day 2 Sessions 3 & 4

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