OARC 24 Day 1

Attendees checked in so far: 107 (28 First Time attendees)

This is DNS-OARC’s first workshop in Latin America, and considering it is Fall / Autumn in the region, Buenos Aires greeted all attendees with favourably warm weather.

Day 1 began with quick introductions from both Keith Mitchell (President) and Ondrej Filip (Chairman), followed by an OARC Status Update by Keith. This was then followed by a closed / non-webcast session presentation on “Recent DDoS attacks against RIPE NCC’s DNS servers” which was received well by the audience.

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The first public session then started with a presentation on GetDNS API followed by one about RaTA-DNS, before we all took a break for lunch.

The public sessions continued after a satisfying lunch, with talks and audience participation on AAAA Deep Dive, ENTRADA, CDAR Root stability, Work in progress on conformance testing authoritative nameservers, the state of DNS privacy, and closing with QNAME minimisation in Unbound.

The end of OARC 24 Day 1 was celebrated with a networking social hosted by DNS-OARC where attendees were offered Argentinian wines, beers and fantastic food by the hotel’s French chef.

OARC 24 Social Event

On to OARC 24 Day 2…

As a recap, the webcast recordings for the day are at:

OARC 24 Day 1 Session 1
OARC 24 Day 1 Session 2
OARC 24 Day 1 Session 3

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