Meet Jake Zack, DNS-OARC’s newest Board Member

2 min readNov 16, 2023


“I recognize that I (we) stand on the shoulders of giants. The Internet has given me everything I have, and to fail to act as a steward, to fail to pass a better DNS-OARC, Internet, and world on to the next generation, would be a tragedy.” — Jake Zack

In the vast and complex realm of the internet infrastructure, there are unsung heroes who work tirelessly to ensure a safe, secure and stable online experience for users. One such individual is Jake Zack, a highly accomplished DNS Architect, Network Architect, and Senior Linux Systems Administrator who has been working at CIRA since 2008. Jake has played a pivotal role in designing, building, and operating CIRA’s DNS infrastructure, helping ensure a safe, secure, and stable internet for Canadians.

Notably, Jake played a key role in implementing CIRA’s DNSSEC solutions, enhancing the security of the .CA domain. He’s responsible for the uninterrupted operation of CIRA’s DNS infrastructure, including advancements like Anycast DNS, which has achieved 100% uptime.

Jake’s commitment to advancing the field of DNS is not confined to his role at CIRA. He actively participates in industry events, notably serving on the DNS-OARC Program Committee (2019–2021.) His involvement in DNS-OARC dates back to the September 2008 meeting hosted by CIRA in Ottawa, where he has consistently demonstrated dedication through planning, selection of presentation submissions, and chairing workshop sessions. He’s also a member of the Fleming College’s Computer Security & Investigations Program Advisory Committee, working to bridge the gap between education and industry needs.

Jake’s extensive experience, technical prowess, and commitment to the principles of governance, diversity, accessibility, and sustainability position him as a valuable addition to the DNS-OARC Board. As he continues to shape the future of DNS and internet security, Jake Zack’s contributions resonate not only within CIRA but also across the broader internet community.

Join us in welcoming Jake to DNS-OARC!

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