DNS-OARC is the new home of dnsmeter

DNS-OARC is pleased to announce that we are the new home of dnsmeter, a software tool for DNS server high performance measurement.

The tool was developed by Patrick Fedick at DENIC eG, one of DENIC‘s software testers with a strong DNS background and experience with performance testing.

Key features of dnsmeter are:

  • payload can be given as text file or PCAP file
  • can automatically run different load steps, which can be given as list
    or ranges
  • results per load step can be stored in a CSV file
  • sender address can be spoofed from a given network or from PCAP file,
    if payload is a PCAP file
  • answers are counted, even if source address is spoofed, if answers get
    routed back to the load generator
  • round-trip-times are measured (average, min, mix)
  • amount of DNSSEC queries can be given as a percentage of total traffic
  • optimized for a high quantity of packets by pre-compiling the payload,
    on an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5–2430 v2 @ 2.50GHz, it can generate more than 900,000 packets per second
  • runs on Linux and FreeBSD

DENIC has increased the reliability of their performance measurements by configuring dnsmeter to issue queries from a wide range of IP-addresses. This allows DENIC to simulate a query pattern which is close to their production environment. The possibility of spoofing addresses in combination with captured live traffic and various dedicated load steps is a powerful feature that dnsmeter offers and that is rarely found in other DNS performance tools.

DENIC is convinced that others can benefit from these features and therefore they are willing to make it available to the entire DNS community. With the help of DNS-OARC’s expertise in maintaining community driven software this has now become possible. DENIC would like to thank Jerry Lundström and DNS-OARC for giving the project a new home and making it available to the community”, said Christian Simmen/DENIC

DNS-OARC has made packages available for the major Linux distributions. For further information, please see:

Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center

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