DNS Stats Tools — New releases: Presenter, Perl Libraries, Collector and Collector DataTool

The DNS-OARC Development Team have been very busy…

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Grafana graphs of DSC Data

DSP 2.0.0 (DNS Stats Presenter)

p5-DSC 2.0.0 (DSC Perl Libraries)

4285862 Update install instructions
05ddf51 Disable tainted due to errors in older Perl
c478a19 Add tests
3360fbb Add a few missing Perl deps
3e3fb55 Fix #2: Make paths configurable, defaults left not FHS compliant
95b7881 Remove mysql, not in use
e734bcc Make travis-ci work
ae47ee6 Restructure to only have Perl library

DSC 2.1.0 (DNS Stats Collector)

a28f5d4 Fix #62 Do not go into daemon mode if reading offline files87fc328 #64 Ability to change the interval for which DSC writes out the statistics files3c98dd7 #66 New indexer for AS Numbers

Teaser… DSC Data Tool

Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center

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