Development Update #2203

3 min readMar 22, 2022


Here are some DNS-OARC development highlights from the past couple of months. These updates are usually bi-monthly and previous ones are available on our Medium blog.

Photo by Roberto Huczek on Unsplash


There’s been a bunch of releases over the last couple of months so here is a short summary of most of them.

dnsperf v2.9.0

  • Messages about receiving unexpected DNS IDs can now be suppressed with `-O suppress=unexpected`
  • Control the number of queries sent over a connection before triggering a re-connect event with `-O num-queries-per-conn=<num>`

dsc v2.12.0

  • Added option `tld_list` to control what DSC considers are TLDs, this can be used to gather statistics on domains like `` and `` that would otherwise be counted as `uk` and `au`
  • Added a script to convert the Public Suffix List to this format, see `man dsc-psl-convert` for more information
  • Updated man-pages to clarify how to use multiple interface and other similar options
  • Removed deprecated cron upload scripts

dnswire v0.3.x

  • Updated the Protobuf definition for DNSTAP to include new message types, new protocols and the new Policy object

dsc v2.13.0

  • Use the new dnswire version to support the new DNSTAP message types and protocols
  • Big performance boost when hashing IPv6 addresses, see changelog for more information
  • New indexer `label_count`: Number of labels in the QNAME
  • New indexer `encryption`: Indicates whether the DNS message was carried over an encrypted connection or not, and if so over which (for example “unencrypted”, “dot”, “doh” etc)

dnscap v2.0.2

  • Fixed memory leaks when using `-x`/`-X` regexp filtering due to incorrect usage of LDNS library

PacketQ v1.6.0

  • Added new SQL function `netmask()` for masking addresses
  • Added support for Pcap’s LINUX_SLL link layer

Prometheus output for dsc-datatool

I recently added support to dsc-datatool for feeding Prometheus via its `node_exporter` and using the Textfile Collector.

Right now there is a limited amount of instructions on how to set this up in a man-page for the output that I wrote, see `man dsc-datatool-output prometheus`. I’m hoping that someone else who actually runs Prometheus can set this up and write a guide on how to do it, or send me the instructions and I’ll write the guide.

A new release of dsc-datatool, that includes this new output, will be out in the next couple of weeks.

Check My DNS — RPKI OV positive-false fix

There was an issue in Check My DNS where it could falsely show that you had RPKI origin validation on if the proxy for that check was down. This has been fixed so it will now only show success for RPKI OV if the proxy is up and there was no traffic to the invalid prefix.

Later down the road I will be looking at changing the check because I think I can make the check much faster thanks to the new setup that is provided by Willem Toorop (NLnet Labs) and others. If you’re interested in collaborating on this work (RPKI OV) then please reach out to me or Willem.

OARC member survey — one big project going forward

I recently conducted a survey amongst our members about what area to focus on and some big multi-year project ideas. The two suggested focus areas (Testing vs Statistics+measurement tools) gave an almost clean 50/50 split — so I guess we’re going to focus on both of them. From the 5 suggested projects a couple of them seem like clear winners so the plan is now to start writing them up, decide and present it at OARC38.

Wanted: Engineers!

We’re currently looking for both short-term and long-term engineering positions within Systems, Software and Networks — see our Careers page for more information.

Want to help out? Let us know!