Development Update #2203

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dnsperf v2.9.0

  • Messages about receiving unexpected DNS IDs can now be suppressed with `-O suppress=unexpected`
  • Control the number of queries sent over a connection before triggering a re-connect event with `-O num-queries-per-conn=<num>`

dsc v2.12.0

  • Added option `tld_list` to control what DSC considers are TLDs, this can be used to gather statistics on domains like `` and `` that would otherwise be counted as `uk` and `au`
  • Added a script to convert the Public Suffix List to this format, see `man dsc-psl-convert` for more information
  • Updated man-pages to clarify how to use multiple interface and other similar options
  • Removed deprecated cron upload scripts

dnswire v0.3.x

  • Updated the Protobuf definition for DNSTAP to include new message types, new protocols and the new Policy object

dsc v2.13.0

  • Use the new dnswire version to support the new DNSTAP message types and protocols
  • Big performance boost when hashing IPv6 addresses, see changelog for more information
  • New indexer `label_count`: Number of labels in the QNAME
  • New indexer `encryption`: Indicates whether the DNS message was carried over an encrypted connection or not, and if so over which (for example “unencrypted”, “dot”, “doh” etc)

dnscap v2.0.2

  • Fixed memory leaks when using `-x`/`-X` regexp filtering due to incorrect usage of LDNS library

PacketQ v1.6.0

  • Added new SQL function `netmask()` for masking addresses
  • Added support for Pcap’s LINUX_SLL link layer

Prometheus output for dsc-datatool

Check My DNS — RPKI OV positive-false fix

OARC member survey — one big project going forward

Wanted: Engineers!




Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center

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Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center

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