Development Update #2111

Spooky releases… boo!

DNS-over-HTTPS support in dnsperf & resperf

With the release of dnsperf v2.7.0 in August, we have added support for DNS-over-HTTPS!

  • Fixed issues with constructing wire-format DNS when the domain names includes escaped characters such as `\123` or `\.`
  • Fixed response handling for DNS-over-HTTPS when multiple responses are received within the same receive cycle
  • Added a new option to suppress some of the normal and verbose output

DSC Grafana Geomap

While I was running the DSC+Grafana crash courses, someone noticed a new panel in Grafana called Geomap.

Grafana Geomap Panel showing Queries per Country
Grafana Geomap Panel showing Queries per Country

Help develop dsc-datatool Prometheus support?

There were also a few attendees that asked about Prometheus support in dsc-datatool during my crash courses and I’m hoping that someone out there could help with adding this? :) If that is you then please head over to this GitHub issue so we can start collaborating!

Check My DNS — IPv6 Client Achievement


Our next upcoming 2-day conference (online) takes places on the 29–30th November and start at 10:00 UTC on both days.



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