Development Update #2103


As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the DNS-over-HTTPS project for dnsperf continued and the next phase was to re-factor the engine and add re-connection support. This would essentially split it into two, one for stateless communications (UDP) and one for connection oriented communications (TCP, DoT, DoH).


This is a little hack I wrote some time ago when I needed to do some testing and just needed something to answer UDP/TCP. In recent times it’s been extended to reflect what it received and to have TLS support.

DSC Grafana update

Got a report that the example graphs for DSC Grafana were showing incorrect numbers for PPS/QPS. After some poking around in our own test instance, it indeed showed that the numbers were off.

Other releases

dnsjit v1.1.0 was released on 3rd Feb and includes a bugfix for lib.getopt, a new module for Base64 URLs and a lot of updates to output.dnssim which is the heart of DNS shotgun (by CZ.NIC).


It’s a little over a month left until OARC35 kicks off!

Be sure to check out the agenda when it’s published and come join us, there is plenty of room on the couch in the living room of DNS!



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