Development Update #2005

Here are some DNS-OARC development highlights from the past couple of months. These updates are usually bi-monthly and previous ones are available on our Medium blog.

dsc releases

DSC has seen three releases since the last development update, latest being v2.11.0.

Some of the highlights of the new release are new configuration options to dnstap_unixsock to control ownership and permissions for the DNSTAP socket file, and an updated built-in known TLDs table. We also added a new configuration option knowntlds_file to load the data from a file, instead of using the built in table.

Please see the release notes for each version to see all the changes.

dnscap v1.11.0

This release includes a new plugin called eventlog, contributed by Byron Darrah, that will output DNS activity as log events and include answers to A and AAAA queries.

dnsperf releases

DNSPerf have seen two releases since the last development update, latest being v2.3.4.

The release includes changed behavior when it comes to TCP and TLS connections; a connection reset or close are now treated as “try again” so that the run is finished and not aborted, and workarounds have been added for compiling against BIND v9.16.

Note: This workaround might not last long because, as of BIND v9.16, their internal libraries that DNSPerf depends on are not for external use.

We are planning a project to remove this dependency and as this might be quite extensive work we really welcome help on this in either time or funding, please see Funding Development for more information.

Packaging updates

We use LaunchPad, openSUSE Build System and COPR to build packages for various platforms and build Debian packages locally using pbuilder. For more information see this DNS-OARC Packages page.

Updates have been made to these systems so we now also build for Ubuntu Focal, EPEL 8, openSUSE Leap 15.2 and Fedora 32.

An issue was discovered with pre-release channels on COPR, where the package index was not updating on new builds of the same version. This means that if you used our pre-release channels you would only get the first package of a new version leaving you out of any update to that package until the next release. It has been fixed by adding an autobuild number, as done in LaunchPad and openSUSE Build System, so that each new package in the pre-release channel has a unique and newer version.

Note: This did not affect the stable release channels.

Build and test platforms

We run a setup of various platforms, to build and test on before doing releases, to which we have added 32-bit Debian 10 and CentOS 8 instances. The Ubuntu instance was also updated to Focal and the OpenBSD to version 6.7 that was recently released.

OARC Member Portal

Our Members self-service Portal will be receiving an update in the coming weeks which will hopefully make account access level clearer and will let you search for contacts more easily.

The full set of changes will be announced to our members once the update has been made.

OARConline 32a

Our first ever virtual conference will be happening on the 9th of June!

If you’re attending, remember to register for it (to receive your unique webinar access link) as we won’t be live webcasting it on our YouTube channel.

Hope to see / hear you there!


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