Development Update #1904+06

Here are some DNS-OARC development highlights from the past couple of months. These updates are usually bi-monthly and previous ones are available on our Medium blog.


Thanks to everyone attending OARC’s 30th workshop and it was great to see that so many from the Asia Pacific region came!

I had my demo desk this time also, with some hot new rolling slides that seemed to catch peoples attention! Although there weren’t that many interactions at this workshop it’s something I will continue to do and evolve. So if you’re attending an OARC workshop in the future, come by if you have any questions about OARC, our software or services!

dsc v2.8.1

I managed to totally miss to add the configuration glue for the new response time indexer and everyone that tested this before the v2.8.0 release were happy with the default. Release v2.8.1 fixed that so you can now configure it.

dsc-datatool v0.05

I got a report that importing to InfluxDB failed because of empty values which can happen in some indexers, apparently this worked with older InfluxDB but changed in v0.90.

With release v0.05 the InfluxDB output will now quote empty values as two double quotes (`””`).

DSC + Grafana — ** Feedback wanted! **

I created dsc-datatool back in June 17 2016 as an experiment to export DSC data into Graphite. This later evolved into using InfluxDB and Grafana, and I made a wiki about how to set this up yourself.

It now almost 3 years later(!) and I would love to hear how it’s working, or not, from anyone using it, even if there are no issues!

Please drop me an email, jerry at dns-oarc dot net, and let me know how you’re using it, what platforms and if you did any modifications. I would also happily accept any Grafana dashboards you’ve created!

dnsjit v0.9.8

This new alpha release of dnsjit fixes a few issues with the PCAP link type and the processing of the network stack in `filter.layer`. It also adds a new DNS client output `output.dnscli` which can use UDP, TCP and TLS.

You can find the source on GitHub or use the packages published in the pre-release channels.

dnsjit: Query/response matching across PCAPs

Along with v0.9.8 there is a new example script for matching queries with responses, outputting statistics about them such as response time and with the option to save state (in-flight queries) between runs.


Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center

Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center