Development Update #1704

Here are some DNS-OARC development highlights from the past two months, these updates are sent out on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and the previous updates can be found on our Medium page.

Go go go, RIPE Atlas!

During the RIPE NCC DNS Measurements Hackathon I got the chance to play with the RIPE Atlas API and Go, this resulted in Go bindings for the API to read measurements data from files, from the RESTful API and from the streaming API. The example below shows how easy it is to use the streaming API to see all QNAMEs the probes are querying for:

Check My DNS v2

A lot more Go work has been happening lately and we are in the process of re-implementing Check My DNS in Go, using Miek Gieben’s DNS library and a lot of new fancy stuff to present it, stay tuned for the alpha release!

disclaimer: colors are not final yet!

Let there be… releases!

Many releases the last two months, some big some small, here is the list:
- dsc 2.5.0 Mar 02
- pcap-thread 2.1.0 Mar 09
- pcap-thread 2.1.1 Mar 09
- pcap-thread 2.1.2 Mar 28
- omg-dns 1.0.0 Mar 28
- parseconf 1.0.0 Mar 28
- sllq 1.0.0 Mar 28
- dnscap 1.4.1 Mar 29
- dsc 2.5.1 Mar 29
- drool 1.0.0-beta.3 Mar 29


Soon time for the annual DNS-OARC spring meeting, this time in Madrid! Hope to see you there and talk about DNS, development, coding styles and/or APIs! (p.s. will also be at RIPE74, Pathable)


Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center

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