Development Update #1702

Here are some DNS-OARC development highlights from the past two months, these updates are sent out on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and the previous updates can be found on our Medium page.

Continuous Testing of DSC

To combat some issues that where reported at the end of 2016 and was very hard to replicate, we setup continuous testing of DSC using our Jenkins build platform.

This was very successful to help resolve the issues and to verify that DSC runs without any hiccup on Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD and OpenBSD for a longer period of time. After running flawlessly for 2 weeks, release v2.4.0 of DSC was pushed out.

Modular Code

To help reduce the duplication of code within the software we develop, work has begun to make modules of parts and at the same time start cleaning up some of the code.

pcap-thread now includes a cleaned up version of pcap_layers, originally developed by Duane Wessels, which handles most things related to the link layers and will also handle TCP reassembly (not implemented yet).

omg-dns is a new helper library for parsing DNS that only uses the stack and can parse broken / invalid / malformed DNS.

parseconf is yet another new helper library which is a bit of a rework of the configuration parser for DSC.

Here, drop this!

During the development of some network related things I came across the need to have a daemon accept traffic but not really do anything with it, could not really find anything that did that so put together dumdumd (“dum” is “dumb” in Swedish and the last d is for daemon”).

This daemon uses libev or libuv to accept UDP/TCP traffic without doing anything with it and will be used for testing the performance of other software.


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