Here are some DNS-OARC development highlights from the past couple of months. These updates are usually bi-monthly and previous ones are available on our Medium blog.

DNS-over-HTTPS support in dnsperf & resperf

With the release of dnsperf v2.7.0 in August, we have added support for DNS-over-HTTPS!

This work was possible by funding from the Mozilla Open…

… become a part of our dynamic international team

Short-term Contracts

OARC currently has the following positions open to work on specific projects:

Software Engineer

This is a 2–3 month project to complete implementation of the DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) Protocol in our existing open-source dnsperf testing tool. …

Asia Pacific

[ OARC 35 ]is coming to the Asia Pacific region!

How is this being achieved?

It will be an online workshop and is scheduled to take place over the course of two days in an Asia Pacific friendly timezone — May 6th (01:00–06:30 UTC) and 7th (01:00–06:30 UTC), 2021. …


In this blogpost we outline OARC’s position regarding DNS-over-TLS, DNS-over-HTTPS and related technologies.


Ensuring that the DNS infrastructure and traffic is secure aligns well with OARC’s mission, and with DNSSEC now widely available to detect tampering with the integrity of DNS traffic, it’s clear the next effort should focus on…

Call for Presentations & Registration

OARC 34 will be an online workshop and is planned to take place over the course of two days:

February 4th (16:00–21:00 UTC)
February 5th (16:00–18:00 UTC)

This will be around 4–6 hours of content / at least 8–12 presentations.

Registration is required to attend and participate in the…

OARC Software Engineer, Jerry Lundström is a regular author on the APNIC Blog. His latest posting on the blog explains DNSTAP — what it is, its architecture and the benefit of using it with OARC’s DSC (DNS Stats Collector) tool.

You may access the blog article here:

<DSC and DNSTAP allow you to monitor all the DNS>

DNS-OARC seeks to improve the security, stability and understanding of the Internet’s DNS infrastructure. This has resulted in a diverse, motivated and highly collaborative community, which has been able to work together cohesively on pertinent issues facing the DNS, the worth of which has been highlighted in recent years against the backdrop of the growing number of malicious incidents directed towards the DNS.
Read: Rallying a community to protect core Internet service.


Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center

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